Metallic Agate Druzy and Turquoise Copper Chain Necklace

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Metallic Agate Druzy and Turquoise Copper Chain Necklace
A piece of metallic druzy and genuine turquoise heishi beads combine flawlessly with a copper chain to create a unique everyday necklace that doubles as a subtle statement piece. The metallic druzy adds a bit of flash to the earthy nature of turquoise, and the two of them combined create a wonderful piece of everyday jewelry.

Turquoise is a powerful healer for the soul, capable of healing and cleansing both the energy body and the physical body. It works primarily on the heart, throat, and sacral chakras to establish a connection between what we feel and what we speak, giving us the courage to speak our truth from the heart. Turquoise is a wonderful stone for shamanic journeying, as it strengthens the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Perfect for guiding us smoothly through the unknown during times of turbulence, the energy of turquoise has been prized by shamanic healers and practitioners around the world for centuries.

The agate druzy is meant to uncover our latent talents and abilities, and to help us bring them into the world so that we can share them with others in service. 

Measuring around 19" long, each one of these metallic druzy and turquoise heishi necklaces is unique, so please, allow me to intuitively choose one just for you! The length of this metallic druzy and turquoise necklace makes it a perfect layering piece, and will fit nicely between your favorite choker-length and opera-length necklaces.

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