Love Knot Bracelet

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Love Knot Bracelet
Love Knot Bracelet

A delicate love knot bracelet that is perfect for both casual and more formal occasions. The symbol of the love knot, or lover's knot, is that one part of the link cannot exist without the other. Each part of the link relies on the other for strength and shape. A love knot is composed of two separate strands that are interwoven in such a way that each one is connected gently to the other, linked with just a single jump ring to form a strong bond. 

The love knot has been an emblem of love and constancy of the lover’s bond. Tracing the roots of the love-knot pattern reveals no specific beginning either, as it has been found in Celtic artwork, ancient Egyptian carved sculptures, and ancient Greek jewelry. The design is also known as the marriage or Hercules knot, and thought of as a protective amulet in Greece and Rome. It was also incorporated into protective girdles worn by brides, which is a likely origin for the phrase “tie the knot”. In medieval and renaissance times, the lover’s knot was used as a love token.

In much of the literature and folklore on sailors and life at sea, the lover’s knot makes a regular appearance. It was apparently commonly used by sailors as a wedding ring tied with gold wire. Another common literary trope featuring the lover’s knot involved two young lovers tying a small tree limb into such a shape. After being left to grow for a year, the branch would indicate whether or not the relationship would endure and remain true if the knot held.

I craft each delicate copper bracelet by hand, including all the components like the jump rings and clasps. These bracelets are lightweight yet sturdy and look great either by themselves, or layered with your other favorite bracelets.

Bracelet measures 7 1/2" long, including the handmade clasp. Each love knot bracelet comes packaged in a simple, sturdy cotton-filled paper gift box. 

Need a custom size for your bracelet? Just send me a message - I'd be happy to craft a bracelet in a size that fits you (or your loved one) perfectly!

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