You are a magical being! You know that there's so much more to life on so many levels. You're looking to create meaning in the mundane, and strengthen you sense of connection with the world around you.

I can totally relate! I've been searching my whole life for ways to tap into the energy of the natural world, while doing something that has meaning and allows me to work with my hands. My designs are inspired by the ancient art of making jewelry and the beauty of natural gemstones in the form of beads.

My passion for making jewelry started in childhood when my mother would give me and my sister big bags of buttons, beads, and sequins to string into bracelets and necklaces. I spent decades after that learning and mastering the art of jewelry making through many techniques and using an incredible variety of materials. In the end, though, I always came back to the gemstone beads that I felt drawn to so strongly.

Finding meaning in the everyday things like an exquisite piece of handmade gemstone jewelry to help you stay present and mindful, as a reminder that you are a magnificent creation of light and love. You'll always feel supported and nourished knowing that you are wearing a piece of jewelry made lovingly by hand.

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