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The Art Of Intuitive Tarot Workbook

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The Art Of Intuitive Tarot Workbook

Have you ever felt drawn to work with the Tarot, but hesitated at the idea of having to memorize the meanings of 78 different cards? With the Art Of Intuitive Tarot workbook, you learn how to read Tarot in a way that works for you - no memorizing involved!

Instead, working through the Art Of Intuitive Tarot workbook will show you how to develop a personal relationship with the Tarot deck. Working with basic symbols of the Tarot cards and learning how to trust your natural intuitive abilities, this workbook will give you a place to create a personal, unique Tarot journal.

Why work with the Tarot? As more of us begin to become aware of our intuitive gifts and abilities, the Tarot is the perfect medium for learning how to focus what we're feeling into clear messages. Working with the Tarot can help us stay connected to our Higher Self, our spirit guides, and universal life energy. 

This workbook includes everything you need to know to get started working with Tarot, covering topics like:

  • The Major Arcana
  • The Minor Arcana
  • The Court Cards
  • Symbolism
  • Tarot spreads

You'll find a whole set of pages for you to write down your own personal interpretation of the 78 cards of the Tarot, plus a set of blank pages that you can copy and print to use for your favorite Oracle card decks, or for hybrid Tarot decks that include non-traditional cards.

This PDF file is an instant download, ready for you to print out just the pages that you want to or need for your own personal Tarot journal.

Get started with Tarot tonight!

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