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Tarot + The Chakras Mini Workbook

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Tarot + The Chakras Mini Workbook
Tarot + The Chakras Mini Workbook

Learn how to read Tarot cards as a way to get a snapshot of the energy located in the seven main centers along the spine as outlined by the Hindu system of the chakras. Tarot + The Chakras gives you an opportunity to connect with the energy of your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies. 

This PDF workbook and journal guides you through a basic energetic assessment and provides a framework for you to address what needs to be balanced. Along with a short description of each chakra located along the spine, it also includes a few suggestions for activities that can balance the energy of each.

This is not a physical product. You will be directed to download and print out your own copy of the Tarot + The Chakras Mini Workbook.

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