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Zuni Soapstone Animal Fetish Earrings

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Zuni Soapstone Animal Fetish Earrings
These animal fetish bead earrings are made with a variety of vintage soapstone animals. They may be bold in color, but they're so lightweight and comfortable to wear, you'll almost forget you have them on until someone compliments you on them!

Animal fetish earrings remind us that we are a part of nature, not apart from nature. Handcrafted in my home studio located in the heart of the Adirondack high peaks in upstate New York, these animal fetish earrings were inspired by the medicine of the animal kingdom. 

I have many opportunities to connect with animal medicine in my daily life: the garter snakes that keep me company while I'm doing walking meditation on our property; the family of deer that come visit us every evening in the summer to nibble on the apples from our tiny orchard; the hawks that grace the sky and the trees in my backyard; and the fish, frogs, and turtles that we encounter during a long, slow paddle on the water.

Not everybody has a chance to connect with the medicine of animals. Each person has an animal (or two or three) that act as spirit guides through life, showing up with a message of comfort or strength. 

Each pair of animal fetish bead earrings is one-of-a-kind, crafted with a random assortment of vintage soapstone zuni-style animal totems. No two earrings are exactly alike, and include animal totems like turtles, squirrels, bears, fish, dolphins, frogs, and others. 

Lovingly crafted with nickel silver wire, silver plated brass spacer beads, and suspended from sturdy silver-filled ear wires for comfort in sensitive ears. Each pair is completely unique, joyfully "mismatched", and sure to get compliments wherever you go!

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