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Wire Wrapped Black Kyanite Raven's Wing Pendant on 24" Stainless Steel Chain

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Wire Wrapped Black Kyanite Raven's Wing Pendant on 24" Stainless Steel Chain
Wire wrapped black kyanite pendant, also known as a Raven's Wing pendant. Each one of these is lovingly wrapped in your choice of German silver wire or pure copper wire. Each wire wrapped black kyanite pendant is unique, due to the natural variations in each stone - no two are exactly alike! 

Black kyanite is a favorite stone of crystal healers, Reiki practitioners, shamanic healers, and energy workers for its ability to both ground and energize. Kyanite of any type never needs cleaning or clearing because it does not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. The energy of kyanite can be used for anything - just make sure your intentions are clear when attuning it.

When used for balancing and clearing the chakras, black kyanite can align the chakras quickly with no conscious direction. This wire wrapped black kyanite pendant makes a wonderful pendulum, and is effective in locating energy blockages in the physical body. 

For meditation, black kyanite is the stone of choice for people who need assistance in calming the mind. Shamanic practitioners can use black kyanite for contacting and communicating with spirit guides. When tucked under your pillow at night, black kyanite can help enhance dream work, providing information needed to solve problems during dream time.

Specify your choice of German style silver wire or pure copper wire when ordering your wire wrapped black kyanite pendant. Silver pendants come with a 24" vintage stainless steel chain, and copper wrapped pendants come with an 18" copper chain. Because of the unique natural qualities of each wire wrapped black kyanite pendant, please allow me to intuitively select one just for you!

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