Working With the Elementals: Air Stones

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Air stones. It sounds kind of like an oxymoron, right? But as I go through my explorations of working with the elements (air, fire, water, and earth), I find myself drawn to the element of air lately. 

Air used to be a challenging element for me to work with. It always brought up a lot of fear, and a lot of sensations of being detached from my body which, as an earth sign, isn't particularly comfortable for me. But a few years ago, one of my teachers told me that she saw a lot of fire energy in me (no kidding), and that I could use a big dose of air element to help fan the flames and keep them burning steady so that I didn't burn myself out.

So working with the air element is something a little bit new for me. I've always been one to work with fire - I love fire ceremonies, I love to light candles all around the house when I'm practicing yoga or meditating. I've always been drawn to the heat and the light of fire, so air is something I've really had to work at.

That said, air element is coming up for me in some beautiful ways lately.

First off, after reading Sandra Ingerman's new book on ceremony, I started working with the air element by hanging prayer ties in the box elder tree in my backyard. (More on that ceremony later this month!) But when I have an intention to set, I infuse it by breathing into a piece of fabric, then go out to the giant box elder tree in my backyard and ask it to please take my intention into the universe before I tie it (lightly) around a branch.

Another way I've been taming the fire with some air element work is to use my breath to infuse intentions into my water, into my Tarot cards and Oracle cards, and yes, into my jewelry! Just take a deep breath, and at the top, state your intention, then blow your energy into your water before you take a drink.

And of course, for anyone who practices yoga, using breathwork (pranayama) is a wonderful way to clear your head (literally and figuratively) and get into a state of meditation or to induce deep relaxation in your body.

My new spring line is coming out later this month, just in time to coincide with the turning of the wheel of the year. As we come into the East direction, we start working with the air element through prayer, chanting, and singing. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and for more ideas for working with the air element in your spiritual practices!

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