What Is Spirit Writing?

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Spirit writing is the act of using your physical body to receive messages from your Higher Self. It is a different way of learning how to see beyond the physical world using the physical body as a channel of sorts to download information. 

This practice of channeling information allows us to go very deep into our emotions and open up our spiritual connection. Like any other spiritual practice, it is something that you have to experience in order to understand. 

How can this help with our Tarot practice? Well, Spirit writing is a way of feeling intuitive information in our bodies. It can also help us connect with the energy of the cards intuitively by giving us a way to connect with the energy of the cards, no matter what deck you're using!

Want to try a simple Spirit writing exercise?

Grab your deck, a few pieces of paper, and a fast-writing pen. (Avoid using pencils.) Choose a specific question that does not require a precise yes/no answer, and then draw one card from your Tarot deck. Looking at the card, allow your hand to start moving across the page as you write. 

  • Start by writing down exactly what you see in the card.
  • As you start to notice the images in the card, start to notice where you feel the energy in your body.
  • Move beyond what you see and feel and start to write any messages coming to you from the card about the energy you're feeling as you look at the card and contemplate your question.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and at the end of 5 minutes, place the card face down, take a few deep breaths, and set your writing aside. Give yourself some time to ground before you go back and read your messages from Spirit that came through the Tarot.

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