Try This Tarot Spread for Beltane!

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Spring is always slow to arrive here in the Adirondacks - it's not completely unheard of for us to have some serious snow well into the month of May. But on May 1, all bets are off as we light a bonfire in the backyard and burn off the last of winter's cold and celebrate the coming of spring!

Beltane arrives this week, and I've written up a Tarot spread for you!


At Beltane, we look at the things that are just starting to poke through the there a budding creative project that's nudging you for attention? A new career or relationship? Beltane is all about the energy of creation, so I've chosen the Empress as an indicator card for this spread. Beltane is about creativity, fertility, and abundance. Planting the seeds now for what you'd like to see grow as we travel the Wheel Of the Year.

Beltane can also be a time to look at our rituals surrounding creativity. What kinds of rituals do you use to enhance your creative process? 

Growth can be challenging for all of us, so use this Tarot spread to get some clarity and insight on how you can work with the energy of growth. 

As you work with this Tarot spread, feel free to pull up to three cards for each card indicated in the spread. Sometimes working with more cards can give you a clearer picture of the energy surrounding that question. 

Feel free to hop on over to the Magic Momma Facebook group and share your Beltane Tarot spreads!

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