The Wild Unknown Tarot

Jennifer VanBenschoten

When I started reading Tarot, I knew I wanted to get my hands on a copy of The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans. It's an insanely popular deck for both more experienced readers and newbies, and it's easy to see why: rich artwork, crazy good energy, and a modern take on a 600-year-old divination practice.

Well, the other day, my deck finally found my way to me! A good friend was downsizing her collection of oracle cards and Tarot decks, and among the goodies she offered me was a copy of The Wild Unknown. 

I had all these grand ideas that I would wait to smudge it for this upcoming full moon, do a big ceremony...but, nah. After sitting with it on my lap one evening, it told me it was ready for me. A quick 5-minute smudging ritual, and I've been carrying the deck with me ever since.

I was hesitant to start working with the deck back when I was a newbie, because I wasn't confident with the symbols and meanings of the Tarot. And while this deck sticks to the traditional set of suites - cups, wands, swords, and pentacles - the imagery is most definitely a fresh take on the Tarot tradition. 

Now that I've been reading for a few years and have developed more confidence in my intuition, I'm totally in love with this deck. It just might be my new "go to" deck for readings and study.

Starting March 19, I'm teaching my 4 week workshop: The Art Of Intuitive Tarot at True North Yoga's Keene Valley studio on Rte 73 in Keene Valley, N.Y. And for anyone interested in learning Tarot but who doesn't have a deck, there are two bags of oracle and Tarot decks available for adoption!

Check out the True North Yoga website for more info and to register. 


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