Tarot and the Root Chakra

Jennifer VanBenschoten

I can't say that I remember where or when I first learned about the chakras, or energy centers, that exist in the physical body. But certainly when I started practicing yoga and started learning more about them, it didn't feel so much like I was hearing it all for the first time; it was more like remembering something that I knew in another lifetime.

If you've never heard of them, the chakras are energy centers that exist in the physical body. Some practitioners theorize that there are literally thousands of them - including in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet - but the ones that I focused on during my yoga teacher training and shamanic Reiki training are the seven that line up along the spine, starting with the tailbone and ending just above the crown of the head in the energetic body. 

The root chakra is where we store the energy of belonging, safety, and having our basic needs met. This is the energy of feeling like we are allowed to exist, and finding our place in society where we can have our basic needs met. It's a very warm, grounding energy that we can experience through the practice of standing with our bare feet on the ground.

In Tarot, there are certain cards that align with that energy of safety:

  • The Emperor. In the Major Arcana, the Emperor is probably about as root chakra as you can get. This is the card of responsibility, leadership, and all those strong male energetic qualities like leadership and initiative. 
  • The Tower. This card of the Major Arcana can help us understand the unbalanced energy of the root chakra. When it feels as though life is falling apart - maybe because of the loss of a job, the ending of a marriage or committed relationship, or other major shakeup - we can begin to experience physical symptoms of the root chakra like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. 
  • The Pentacles. In the pip cards, all of the Pentacles represent the energy of the earth element and the root chakra. These are the cards that deal with finances, career, personal possessions, and living environment. 

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