Self-Love For Valentine's Day

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Valentine's Day? Yeah, okay. We put so much emphasis on our self-worth these days based on whether or not we're in a romantic relationship, maybe it's time we start evaluating our relationship with ourselves. 

Seriously, when was the last time you took a good look at how you talk to yourself? How you treat yourself? Do you take care of your own health needs? Do you make time to recharge after a busy day or week? 

Self-love is more than just being pleased with your reflection in the mirror. In fact, it probably has very little to do with your physical appearance, and everything to do with your self-talk and how you take care of your health.

In the last few months, I've been working on shifting a lot of energy around the way I talk to myself and even the way I perceive myself. A couple of weekends ago, someone told me about how our minds don't see "us" the same as everybody else - which was totally a mind-blower for me.

When we take a good look at ourselves, we can see the places where we need to start caring for ourselves. When was the last time you scheduled a checkup at the doctor? Or maybe when was the last time you committed to eating a healthy diet? Did you let yourself say yes to something when you knew deep-down that it was going to be a struggle for you to follow through?

Self-care (and self-love) doesn't always look like bubble baths and cupcakes. Sometimes, self-care and self-love look like doing the hard things like scheduling doctor's appointments and saying no to projects that don't make your soul sing.

Self-love also extends to the way you talk to yourself. I can remember years ago when I first expanded my awareness into this whole realm of self-love, I was sitting and working on updating my online shop, and the whole time I was sitting in front of the computer, I was telling myself what a magnificent waste of time it all was. No one was ever going to buy anything from me, I told myself, so why was I bothering at all with this?

Think for a minute about the way you talk to the people you love - your children, your spouse, your parents, your best friend. Do you tell them that their dreams are stupid? Do you criticize the way they look? If you don't talk to other people that way, then why is it okay for you to talk to yourself like that?

For me, in an effort to speak more kindly to myself this month (and maybe next month), I'm going to be wearing a big chunk of faceted smokey quartz right at my throat chakra.

While smokey quartz isn't necessarily what you would think of as a stone for self-love, it *is* a great gemstone for absorbing and transforming negative energy. So all that negative self-talk that's coming through my throat chakra? My intention is to transform that into more empowering, positive self-talk.

Love these simple smokey quartz pendants? I'll have them in both sterling silver and copper during my next online show in the Facebook group The Auction House. Join me and two other totally rad handmade gemstone jewelry artists for 48 hours of auctions, giveaways, handmade jewelry, and live feeds starting at midnight on February 16. 

It's never too late to start learning how to speak to yourself with love! 

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