Never Stop Learning

Jennifer VanBenschoten

When I finished my first 200 hour yoga teacher training back in 2014, I was talking to a couple of my very well-meaning friends about the next training I wanted to do. I wanted to learn Reiki. I wanted to do more specialized yoga teacher training. I wanted to learn it all. But these very well-meaning friends said to me, "You can't just keep taking trainings all the time. You have to stop at some point."

Well, am I ever happy that I decided not to listen to them.


Yesterday, I received my fifth Reiki attunement and completed my second Shamanic Reiki Healing workshop with my teacher, Debbie Philp. 

It was an absolutely incredible weekend, full of surprises and connection. I got to sit with friends that I haven't seen in years. I surprised myself with how confident I felt practicing the skills Debbie taught us. I sat in meditation and felt my connection with the Earth and her life force deepen with every breath I took.

To be fair, I feel as though I should apologize to the yoga class I taught on Sunday morning between sessions - I was flying high on good energy, and we were all damn lucky that I remembered to do both sides in all the poses I taught.

But as I looked down at my certificate, I remembered the well-meaning friends who told me that I should just stop after I finished my first yoga teacher training, and I'm so happy that I decided to ignore that particular piece of advice. 

Education is something that you never finish, not ever. 


As we grow and evolve into different and better human beings, we all need some kind of education to help us learn new tools necessary for that kind of growth. Pretty much every single profession I know of requires continuing education to maintain state and federal licenses. Whether you're a physician or a wastewater treatment plant operator, you're probably required to take some kind of continuing education and get contact hours to maintain your certification and licenses. The same is true for cosmetologists, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. 

We desperately need teachers of all kinds in the world today. We need teachers who can share their experiences and their knowledge and their skill with all of us so that we don't forget that feeling of learning something new.

In my opinion, the best teachers are the ones that can teach us something and then give us space to make it our own, which is why I'm so grateful to have had Debbie Philp as my teacher since 2013. 

If you're local to the Essex County part of New York state (or even beyond), you can contact Debbie to find out about her offerings in yoga teacher training, Shamanic Reiki, and healing mentorships that she offers. 

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  • I love the way you go out in the world and bring what you have learned to others. I just touch the surface with one toe. You are the ripple.

    Debbie Philp

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