Gemstones For the Heart (That Aren't Rose Quartz)

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Sure, I love rose quartz. EVERYBODY loves rose quartz. What's not to love? It's soft, it's pink, and it radiates some of the gentlest, most soothing energy of any gemstone ever. 


Do you ever get sick of it? I mean, sometimes we need our hearts to be brave. Sometimes we need our hearts to be strong. And in those instances, there are lots of other gemstones that can soothe our hearts and strengthen our resolve. 

Green Aventurine This ancient stone has been used for centuries by shamans during rituals of the medicine wheel to direct and open to the energy of love! It's a wonderful stone for carrying or wearing if you're an empath to help protect from people who are energetically draining. It also stimulates leadership qualities and balances the yin/yang energy in the body.

Amethyst Most people don't think of amethyst as a heart stone, but when it comes to opening up to spiritual love, amethyst is as good as it gets. Use amethyst for migraines, insomnia, and anxiety caused by too much heat in the body and intense thoughts. 

Tourmaline Whether you prefer black, green, pink, or rainbow/watermelon tourmaline, this is a beautiful gemstone for healing the heart. The energy of tourmaline assists us in relating to others in a loving manner, replacing the energy of fear with an open heart.

Turquoise Most people don't think of turquoise as a heart chakra stone, but for me, there's no better stone for keeping me grounded when I'm doing soul-deep healing related to the heart center. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones known to humankind, and is prized by shamanic healers throughout the world. Turquoise balances and soothes the energy of the heart, throat, and sacral chakras to keep us grounded as we speak our authentic truth.


Do you have a favorite stone for the heart that isn't rose quartz? Leave a comment and share it with us! 


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