Fake News, Intuition, and Tarot

Jennifer VanBenschoten

It's been a while since I posted a blog here, but something happened a couple of weeks ago that really made me stop and think about just how important our intuition is in these uncertain times. 

While scrolling through my Facebook news feed one day, I saw story after story about the pandemic, potential treatments, and the measures necessary to slow the spread of the virus. At one point, I became completely overwhelmed, and I couldn't tell what was true and what was fake news. Then I saw a post that was so obviously fake, and so obviously meant to distract and cause fear in anyone who read it, I caught my breath.

What was going on here?

The person who posted the fake item said, well, hey, who knows what's true anymore? And that hit home to me. I decided I needed a bit of a social media break while I got my thoughts together and got grounded. And it led me to ask a very important question: 

How do we know what's true and what's a lie?

I mean, how do you even define truth?

During my social media break, I did a lot of journaling, and a little bit of yoga, and some mantra meditation and breathwork. And I came to the conclusion that while we can read facts and studies and see things with our very own eyes, when it comes down to sorting out the fake news from the real issues, it's all about intuition.

But we don't really learn how to nurture our intuition. As kids, we're highly intuitive, but we're told over and over that intuition isn't real, or it's not important. As adults, we're expected to just go with the flow, to not make waves, and to go with the crowd even if our inner voice is telling us something different. 

After decades of ignoring our intuition, when we're faced with a difficult decision or with a difficult concept, sometimes we have to rely on that inner knowing to weed out the things that are fake or false from the things that resonate with love and are true. 

One of the most important ways we can strengthen and nurture our intuition is by taking a break from the constant stream of social media and t.v. news. While I'll always be the first person to say that it's more important now than ever to stay informed and educated, at the same time, it's just as important for us to have strong boundaries - and that means knowing when to shut off our phones, close our browser tabs, and spend some time sitting quietly in nature or meditating.

So what does this have to do with Tarot?

Well, everything.

Tarot is that wonderful tool we can use to focus the energy that we feel surrounding a given situation. When we're feeling lost, or we don't trust the things we're feeling, pulling a few Tarot cards can give us the clarity we need while reminding us that we probably already know the truth of a situation.

Want to learn more about Tarot and intuition? Since teaching in person isn't possible right now, I've been teaching my Tarot classes online via Zoom. Our next beginner class starts on August 23! Message me for questions, or register here.

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