A Tarot Spread for the August 3 2020 Full Moon

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Well, we're really in the thick of it now, aren't we? The energy is starting to feel like it's picked up for sure, and here we are: the August 3, 2020 full moon in Aquarius.

I'm not going to pretend to know shit about astrology here, but I do know what I'm feeling: anxiety (like, about to get eaten by a T-Rex kind of anxiety), not trusting myself, not trusting my intuition, and above all, a yearning to break free of the stories that have been holding me back. I read a few things from astrologers about this full moon, and it's a duzy, so I created a Tarot spread to help me (and you) get a handle on the things we might be feeling right now:



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